The holistic centre The Borgo Zen is immersed in wild nature, made up of enchanted woods, appealing waterways and enchanting peaks… all the ingredients to rediscover your own identity as a “being in nature”, cradled by his rhythms, silences and sounds.

The holistic centre is located right on the ancient border between two large states of times past. Since 1500, Venice and Milan have fought for these places due to the strategic importance of trade with Valtellina and Switzerland.

Depending on the season that you come to find it, it will seem to you that the woods around the Centre were designed by a skilled painter with all the colours of their palette! Every season is a unique, awe inspiring show! A true green oasis where you can find every type of tree and flower: lenden, elm, ash, cherry, oak, maple, chestnut, birch, beech… but also primroses, daffodils, cyclamens, lilies, rhododendrons, gentians, Christmas roses…think that even today, we in the Borgo Zen are amazed by so much beauty and the chromatic effects produced by the cohabitation of so many different species…

And if all this wasn’t enough…are you ready to enter the natural habitat of chamois, roe deer, foxes, marmots and squirrels?

Ah… don’t worry at night if you hear strange noises in your room… They are owls enjoying themselves on the crests of the sleep slopes of the valleys!

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A few images of the Val Taleggio area