Our kitchen philosophy

For a long time I’ve had a passion: a cuisine characterised by healthy food for a healthy body. A “family” passion because I’m the third of a family of cooks.

My grandmother Angela started in 1925 and then my father Amilcare, followed by me after several years of experience around Europe and Italy, which led me to meet various masters of art.

From them I learned many things as well as I tried to steal others, but above all this long training allowed me to become aware of a broader, I would say almost, “holistic” view of food.

And in a holistic perspective, one of the pillars of health is yes to lead us to the pleasure of eating but also to a higher purpose: to be in harmony with our body and with nature.

Therefore the need to not disregard the concept of balance between the person, and the context in which it moves and lives.

This is the reason that led me to the study of vegetarian and vegan cuisine

A healthy and diversified cuisine for an authentic but above all balanced diet

Our body is part of nature, and we will be able to keep it healthy as the food we eat is not contaminated

Usually our diets are characterized by the association of raw foods, more “vital”, and cooked foods, more easily assimilated by our organism.

Many of the products we use are of our own production (or as we say today in the ultra-short chain, our garden), others at km 0, that is, cultivated directly in the valley.

In the different seasons, with the locals, we also take care of the collection of herbs and essences to enrich our dishes with aromas and fragrances.