Regenerating treatment with The Alpha Cradle


The Alpha Cradle is a multisensory chaise longue that relaxes all the muscles in your body and gives you total internal wellbeing, uniquely stimulating the Alpha waves in the brain, ideal for concentration and creativity, and giving a deep sense of relaxation to the whole body.

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The Alpha Cradle. 23 minutes to dedicate yourself to feeling physically and mentally lighter!

The Alpha Cradle, with the help of lights, sound, heat, and vibrations, stimulates the production of Alpha waves in part of the brain. At this level you are conscious and the body is relaxed.

This mental condition is a condition of “alert wakefulness”. Consciousness is maintained and tension is discharged, obtaining a relaxation that doesn’t cloud the intellectual faculties, but rather stimulates creativity, memory and integration between the intuitive and logical faculties of the brain.

In addition, sitting on the “Alpha Cr” stimulates the “resonance” process, the phenomenon in which the production of different neurons is synchronised. This condition, with the benefits that are derived from it, is maintained in the hours after the treatment.

In summary, sitting on the Alpha brings the user to benefit from the potentialities of alert wakefulness, in particular:

  • Physical-mental recovery after intense stimulation
  • Focusing attention, a fundamental aspect of problem solving
  • Reducing stress understood as distress, maintaining and enhancing the fast and effective response to the stimuli (eustress)
  • Higher levels of substances that promote a good mood
  • Higher production of beta endorphins, the wellbeing substance
  • Activating the immune system

Wellbeing not only when you sit but also in the hours after.

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